6 Brilliant Tricks to Teach Yourselves about College Essay Writing

Essay writing assignments are indispensable in any academic program in almost all universities. In another words, a student cannot complete any program without being able to write essays. This necessitates each student to find time and put effort to   compose an academic paper. It is sometimes seen that students write essays with the help of professional paper writers. However, certain brilliant tricks will make them write college essay writing without having to approach anyone.

Essay Writing Tricks

Read Samples

You cannot write your essays from vacuum. On the other hand, you need to have a broad understanding on what you write. In the same manner, it is also important to have an idea about how you write. There is the importance of reading sample essays. Sample college essay writing can be had from academic books in your library shelves. Also, there are a lot of essay writing samples in the internet as well. Make use of only reliable sources, and get an idea of your paper. Comprehensive guides on essay writing will also help you to come up with your own essays.

Read Relevant Stuffs

In college and university levels, professors don’t teach in a traditional manner. On the other hand, they are stage setters who arrange proper learning environment for students to get everything by themselves. Hence, do not expect any in-depth analysis from your professors. Visit college library and surf the internet. You will find a lot of books on your topic. Choose the ones you think most appropriate for your topic. Make notes and write down important quotes. If you feel some books or articles too hard to grasp, leave them. Do not waste time on reading difficult stuffs.  Get ideas enough for you to prepare your own essay, and proceed to preparing the first draft.

Prepare an Outline

This is in fact the most important step in the process of College Essay Writing. This is where you actually organize your entire essay. You can divide the whole paper into various sections and give titles to each of them. Make sure that you include all main points of the topic. Writing it in the form of bullet points is also acceptable. If you have finished preparing the essay outline successfully, you have done a lion’s portion of the task. You now need only to elaborate the points. This will also help you to stick onto the exact topic till the end.

Organize the Paper

Only a well organized academic essay will capture the attention of the readers. The evaluators will trash the paper if you have written it in a mess. There must be an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion and bibliography. Also, do not forget to cite all the references. Add quite wherever necessary. Don’t do it only to fill the pages because the evaluators can understand that you are not true to what you are doing. Divide the essay into different sections with specific titles. Long sentences and long paragraphs kill the beauty of College Essay Writing. A logical organization of your essay can bring highest grade to your paper.

Take a Stand

College Essay Writing requires in-depth analysis of the given topic. A summary or a peripheral analysis will not give you any grades. You need to be analytical and present everything straightforwardly.  At the core of your essay, there must be your individual findings. If you have taken a stand, you are not supposed to deviate from it. Stick on to it throughout, and adopt all means to prove it. Here, you can borrow the ideas of others. Convince the readers that yours is not just an ordinary paper. Writing for the sake of writing is meaningless. A critical approach to your topic will make your paper stand apart from others.


Errors spoil the splendor of any piece of writing. The errors can range from simple spelling mistakes to grave logical fallacies. Try to be free from all such things as much as possible because it evaluates your overall skills and keenness as well. Give special attention to avoid ambiguities. After completing the paper, read it for several times. If so, you can find out the most appropriate wordings and expressions to replace the mediocre ones. It is great if you can find out someone else to get your paper proofread. An error free paper which is well written always captures the attention of the evaluators. So, proofreading becomes a natural process of essay writing.

College essay writing can sometimes determine your success in the whole academic life. Therefore do not downgrade its significance. The six above mentioned tricks can lead you to great academic success.

A Complete Guide to Write Critical Thinking Essays

Critical Thinking Essay Writing

Essay writing is a task which most of the students love to avoid primarily because they do not know the basics of it. It is a fact that there are no specific lessons on how to write essays in a classroom. The professors take lessons and leave the writing tasks entirely upon the students. Without having any understanding on the way an essay has to be written, it is quite impossible for anyone to come up with one. As a result, reliable tips on essay writing are important. Here is a complete guide to write critical thinking essays.

Be Critical  

Critical thinking essay writing requires some amount of critical thinking from the part of the students. Of course, you are writing on the topic which might have been discussed in the class. However, each academic essay should analyze certain aspect of the topic, and emerge out with some unique finding. You have to critically analyze the given area in all possible angles. Inquisitiveness is as essential in a student as it is crucial for an explorer in the seas. There are possibilities, but one has to find them out. Whenever you get a topic, think of its varied dimensions. Ask a series of questions to yourselves. It is almost certain that you will not find answers to them all of a sudden. It is for this reason that you need to delve deep into the arena of reading and researching.

Read and Research

Before initiating Critical Thinking Essay Writing, you need to have a great understanding on the topic. Drive towards a good library where you think you will be able to pick up really helpful articles. Read them and write down the main points. Collect good quotes from well known authors. This will help you to make your paper more authoritative and convincing. Great that you have gathered adequate materials for your writing process. However, you are not going to make use of any such ideas directly on the paper. This is the speciality of Critical Thinking Essays. By borrowing ideas from reading and researching, you are going to make independent comments, observations and conclusions. Reading relevant texts push you to writing your own stuff.

Think twice before you write

Writing Critical Thinking Essays is a serious job to do. Hence, you are not writing what comes to your mind spontaneously. On the other hand, you write the first draft, and make a series of alterations until you are convinced with the logic in the paper. If it is a personal essay, you can pen whatever your mind says. However, brain is more important when you write Critical Thinking Essays. If you find difficult to analyse certain sections critically, you have your helpful professors out there. This does not mean that they will help you in writing. On the other hand, they will show you the right way to move on. If you are struck with certain intricate thoughts, you can approach other experienced professionals and friends. This will make you form a broader attitude towards what you write.

Go Online, Get ideas  

Internet has nearly swallowed almost all aspects of man’s day to day life affairs. The academic world makes use of its infinite opportunities of the information and communication technology to impart quality learning. Also, it is the largest source of information for any academic matters. There are a host of high quality critical thinking articles in the internet most of which can be accessed without having to take any paid membership. However, you should be cautious not to be trapped in below quality materials. Internet is a place where anyone can upload anything. As a result, you have to be more analytical in choosing the secondary materials. A well written peer reviewed article would lead you to better insight on your topic, and your writing process becomes less troublesome.

If you know how to approach the topic, Critical Thinking Essay Writing will not trouble you in any ways. Be specific, and error free while writing. It is strongly recommended to proofread the paper for multiple times. Also, getting the paper proofread by others will make your Critical Thinking Essays become superb. By following the systematic steps of writing Critical Thinking Essays, anyone can attain desirable grades.

What are the Major Types of Academic Essays?

Academic essays are a very crucial part of every student’s life and every student needs to know about some very important essay writing styles so that they do not face any difficulty in writing any kind of essay with any given topic. Mentioned below are 4 of the most important essay writing styles that students need to get acquainted with to be able to explore various styles in essay writing.

  1. Expository essay- An expository essay is an essay writing style through which a writer gives an account of his/her opinion on a certain issue, idea or theme. Through this form of essay writing a writer can either express his views on a certain work of art or literature or can use this format to explain or make a statement on various world issues, politics, sports, pop culture etc.
  2. Persuasive essay- this term is self explanatory. In this style of essay writing the writers sole endeavour is to try and persuade the reader to accept and imbibe the point of view of the writer. Such essays are written on topics which call for a stand on various social or current issues. Since the writer perceives the given situation in a way that he/she feels right, he/she tries to explain with rational reasoning of as to why the reader should see the same issue or situation in the same light.
  3. Analytical essay- In this style of essay writing a writer tries to present every point of view as possible by analyzing a certain thing such as a poem, book, play, song or any other form of art or literature. It is safe to say that this form of essay writing is like a review. A writer after thorough analysis and examination tries to interpret the given work without being partial and through just means.
  4. Argumentative essay- This is an essay writing style which not only contains one point of view such as that of the writer’s, the writer also does thorough research on the specific topic and references various other people’s point of view. After the writer has stated the different perspectives, he/she then sticks to one perspective usually his personal point of view and encourages the reader to adopt his/her perspective on the given topic or issue. He/she tries to rationally explain why he/she is right with contrast to other’s opinions.

These are the most significant and widely used essay writing styles in custom essay writing. Do research and practice hard to perfect your essay writing craft in all of these distinct essay styles.

Easy Tips on Getting Your Research Papers Online

Writing a research paper requires skills and intellect. While many students whether teenagers or adults may have the intellect, they make lack the skills or the time for writing such a time consuming paper. Drafting a research paper also requires clarity and a strong concept. So, these are the reasons why most students would opt for buying a research paper online in the first place but what they need is guidance in doing so. You see, there are so many research paper writing services online due to which it is very easy for one to get confused or fooled in the bargain. Out here some tips are mentioned which when followed shall save you your time and money while providing you with an A+ research paper.

Tips on buying a research paper

  • Do research on various websites that offer research paper writing services.
  • Compare rates to get a rough idea of the current price of research papers.
  • Read reviews of each site and see what the customers have to say about the services and quality of the final product.
  • Look into their about us page to see if they have at least a bare minimum of 5 years experience.
  • An authentic site should make and live up to certain claims like 100% plagiarism free research papers.
  • 100% custom written research papers.
  • Unlimited revisions until customer is satisfied.
  • Guaranteed delivery within deadline.
  • An editor should check your paper.

These are certain signs that the student should look out for while buying a research paper. If purchased from a reliable source, such writing services can come very handy for students from time to time. This is not a shortcut but is a benefit that hard working students can avail because they are trying to make ends meet and are also pursuing their education all at the same time.

Few years back, such services were not even available and it really gave a hard time to students because they had to get the assignment done irrespective of whether they actually had the skills and time for it or not. Thus, since the advent of such services, it has been a blessing in disguise for such students. All that a student has to do is visit a good site, follow the above mentioned tips, tell the service provider about which course should your research paper be written for and they will provide you with a custom research paper that is absolutely unique and is written by professional writers.

All you have to do is place the order and pay for it.

Find a Best Service to Help Out on Your Research Paper Writing

When you need assistance with your research paper writing, you need someone who knows his/her job inside-out, you need the best. There are several research paper writing services out there which guarantee best quality when it comes to research paper writing but do not get fooled because the best is not something that just anybody and everybody can deliver. Therefore, mentioned below are the ways to find the best services for research paper writing.

Helpful tips  

  • Experience- Consider the no. of years of operation of a particular research paper writing site. This is essential because if a site has been operational for many years, it will have a good network of professional writers who will be very good at doing their job thus leading to great quality research papers.
  • Authenticity- Since the demand is very high for research paper writing, many services have begun operation overnight, most of these sites are run by a single source company. Their only agenda is to trick students and rob them of their money or con students. Beware of such frauds. You can do some research on various sites that offer research paper writing services by visiting their home page and reading customer reviews to get a glimpse into the quality and authenticity of these sites before ordering a paper from one of them.
  • Reliability- To ensure reliability of a site, try considering the experience of its writers. An effective way to gauge this is by checking out the sample papers offered by the site. This will tell you if the writers are professionals and whether they will be able to deliver a quality research paper within a reasonable budget and within deadline.

Since most students these days are either busy earning a livelihood or are just not interested in doing these tedious assignments, research paper writing services have come up and are flourishing due to this high demand for buy research papers online. Be careful while ordering your research paper because these sites can be quite misleading and can seem genuine at first but will turn out to be frauds eventually.

It is always advised to do thorough research and opt for sites that guarantee customised and plagiarism-free research papers with guaranteed delivery within deadline so that you do not receive the research paper after deadline because otherwise it defeats the purpose right? So be diligent in your pursuit for finding the site that offers the best research papers to get rewarded.

What is the Structure of College Essay Writing?

Behind every essay there is a strong creative effort. That’s why it is defined as one’s creative and emotional approach on certain subjects. Most of the essays are descriptive. But on a very careful analysis we can understand that every essay is some kind of art; the art of converting ideas into arguments. Every author is trying to prove that his/her view on a subject is true. Generally every type of essay consists of mainly three parts. They are: 1) introduction 2) body of the essay and 3) conclusion.

Among these structures, introduction and conclusion are static parts of an essay. It will not change according to the topic or nature of the topic. But the ideas, view points, arguments you include in the body part determines the uniqueness of your essay. No doubt that, writing college essay is a difficult job. That’s why most of the students approach custom essay writing services by saying that, please write my essay to avoid risks. The reason behind this difficulty is that most of the students are not aware about the correct essay writing format.

Here you are provided with the structure of a college essay.


It is already said that, introduction is the first and the static part of every essay. So it must be arresting and should attract the attention of the readers. It may be a piece of news, an interesting small story, or your own special experiences which is significant to the topic; it will better to add if there is any historical background to your topic. Whatever you used, it should lead to the subject and generates an interest in the mind of the readers to read your essay completely.


This is the main part of the essay where you can express your ideas and arguments. This part has no specific structure. This is the part where the writers can enjoy their freedom. You can present your ideas in descriptive or argumentative style. But the condition is that your arguments should supported by valid evidences. You must show the readers that, why your claims are so important. You have to foreseen and defeat the counter arguments of the reader in this part. Adopt a style and tone according to your topic.


Conclusion is the last and third most part of the essay. You have to write an effective conclusion. Summarize your ideas in the conclusion. Don’t introduce any new point or views in the conclusion. This is the last part where you get one more chance to affirm your views and arguments and suggestions if any in short words.

What are the Features of Best Dissertation Writing Services?

Dissertation is an unavoidable writing assignment in every higher education program. Wherever it is assigned, it can come into reality only after a comprehensive research and analysis of various resources and study materials. So it always seems to be a herculean task for students. It is an admitted and true fact that, dissertation writing is tough job. Students often failed to submit their work on time and it ultimately results in poor grades. Difficulties and confusions are always accompanied with the task of dissertation. This is why nowadays students largely depend upon dissertation writing services, which are available in hundreds of number at online. These dissertation writing services help the students to complete their work on time without any difficulties and confusions.

But can we trust all of these dissertation services? How can we understand whether these services are genuine or not? How we can know that, which are the best dissertation writing services? Here you are provided with the features of best dissertation writing services. After reading this content, you will be able to choose best dissertation writing service.

  • Qualified Writers

Dissertation is a research oriented task. It requires more standard and quality than regular academic works. So ensure that, your writers are experienced and holding Masters Degree or PhD. Genuine writing services provide 100% original, plagiarism free contents.

  • Affordable Prices

Since dissertation requires more research and knowledge, most of the writing services charges huge amount for their services. Choose such service which charges affordable and considerably moderate rates. By checking the reviews of these writing services, you can easily understand and calculate the charges.

  • Unlimited Revision

An excellent dissertation writing service definitely provides an unlimited revision of their work at free of cost. You can trust such writing service. Some of services may charge additional prices for revision works.

  • Free Outlines

Most of the best dissertation writing services provide free outline to their customers. Through these services, customer can evaluate their writer’s skill and ability. If the customer is not satisfied with quality, they can choose other services. Trustful and credible dissertation services will not miss a chance to prove their quality, ability and capacity.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Best dissertation service will definitely provide round the clock customer support, so that the customers can contact them at any time for getting the updates of work, to give any guidance, instructions and also for clearing all doubts about their services.



Tips to Write Your College Application Essay

After completing the school, if you are intending to join a college for your higher studies, then you cannot skip the task of college application essay. Most of the colleges select their new students on the basis of these application essays submitted by the students before the admission process. Sometimes, you may have to write on a topic which is already given by the authorities or you have to write about any formative experiences you have had in your life. Whatever the topic is, the only thing you should have to keep in mind is that, how you could impress the admission authorities. Your application essay should be an answer for the question that, why the authorities are irresistible to give you an admission to their college. College application essay writing is an art of presenting and arranging your knowledge, interest, abilities and experiences.

The following steps will definitely help you to write application essay successfully.


Introduction is an unavoidable part of every essay. “Introduction” of your essay determines, whether the reader have to continue or not on your writing. Remember that, admission officers would spend a few minutes on each essay before them. In between such a short time, your essay introduction should grab their attention and should insist them for continue reading. Your introduction must be an appeal to their emotions and at the same time it should attach with the subject matter of your essay.

Be Yourself

Your college application essay should be your own description about yourself. Don’t try to copy other’s application essays. Make your essay a unique piece of writing. You have to think about how can you distinguish yourself from other applicants and how can you present your achievements and goals distinctively. Be specific and maintain a positive and confident tone throughout your writing.

Choose a Concise Form

In most of the cases, the word limit for your application essay would be provided by the authorities itself. Don’t go beyond such limit, it will definitely question the patience of the reader. Students often have the tendency to describe each and everything about their past life. Don’t make the authorities get bored by describing your childhood sport achievements and picnics.

Show Your Writing Ability

Give a great attention on spelling of the words you have used and the grammatical structure of your sentences. Don’t go beyond the word limit provided, at the same time your word count should not be less than the required limit.


Without an editing, you cannot submit an impressive personal statement or admission essay. Continuous reading of your final draft is the first step of editing. If you read aloud, you can easily understand your mistakes. You can also seek help of your parents and friends.

By, Essay Writing Service UK & USA

Great Tips to Write Dissertation Introduction

To write dissertations is not an easy task when comparing to other academic writing tasks as it requires a comprehensive research and critical analysis of data. Unlike other writing tasks, dissertation has two more important requirements. They are the dissertation proposal which should be submitted before the final dissertation and next is the introduction of the final dissertation. Now you may think that, most of the writing tasks require introduction, then what is special about the introduction of a dissertation? Yes, there is something special about the dissertation introduction writing. An introduction is one of the most important parts of a dissertation. Most of the academic format requires that introduction should be treated as a separate chapter in a dissertation. Your introduction has an important role in the determination of your final grade for the dissertation.

The following tips will explain, how to write dissertation introduction successfully and impressively.

  • Every dissertation is an attempt to find an answer to a central question through a comprehensive research. So in the introduction to your dissertation, you should describe what is your topic or issue or in other words, should explain to the reader what you are going to investigate.
  • Try to use simple language and words in introduction, when comparing to your following chapters. Your introduction should generate a strong interest in the mind of the readers to know what your investigation results are.
  • Give a concise description about the topic and also make some references about the reasons for selecting such a topic and also why you are interested in such investigation. Also include what are the scope and limitations of your study.
  • In the introduction part, you have to explain the reader that, why you are thinking that, your problem of the dissertation need be solved.
  • In the introduction of your dissertation, don’t forget to describe the nature and purpose of your research. You can also state about your hopes and final results you predict from your investigation.
  • It will be better if you mention about the resources and method of data analysis which is going to be adopted for solving your problem.
  • Don’t forget to include that, whom will get benefit from your research and investigation. And also try to add in what sense, your investigation will benefit them.
  • It can be said that, your dissertation introduction will complete, if you include that how your research and investigation contribute to what is already known.
  • At the final end of your introduction, you have to add the order of upcoming chapters of your dissertation with page numbers.

By, UK Dissertation Writing Service.

How to Write an Excellent Dissertation Proposal?

Dissertations are an integral part of every Master’s Degree or PhD program. The first and essential step towards a dissertation is the dissertation proposal. Through dissertation proposal you have to give a clear idea about your final dissertation. Dissertation proposal is a plan for your final work. It should convey what you are going to do with a specific topic. You have to explain what it is you intend to examine, how you are going to collect and analyze the data. A dissertation proposal should point towards the direction of final dissertation. Dissertation proposal writing helps you to get instructions and proper guidance from your professor. Even an expert can give you proper instructions only after reading your dissertation proposal.  A dissertation proposal will make your dissertation writing easily and correctly. While drafting the proposal you have to pay a great attention on presenting your topic in least words. You must include that, by doing your research, what are you aiming at and how you want to accomplish it. Different courses and subjects requires different dissertation writing format. Prepare your proposal according to the prescribed academic style. By following these guidelines, you can prepare an excellent dissertation proposal.

Structure of Dissertation Proposal

Generally, dissertation proposal contains an introduction, research or dissertation methodology, aims and objectives, review of literature, conclusion and suggestions.


In the introduction part, you have to state your main research question, mention about the background of the problem. You have to make clear about the purpose, importance and scope of your study. You should also deal with broader issues surrounding your main question.

Research Methodology

This is the part where you have to mention the sources that you are intending to use for your research, what and which type of data you are going to collect. You have to make clear that how will you analyze your data, which are the methods you are going to adopt and also describe about why you adopt such methods etc.

Aims and Objectives

Aims and objectives are another important part of a dissertation proposal. You have to include the aims of your research, state about your hopes and final results you predict. Also mention about the objectives you want to achieve through your final dissertation.

Review of Literature

The review of literature deals with the books and other material resources you are going to be used. You have to mention if there are any previous studies, researches or published work on the same field of your research problem. If there are any previous studies and works on the same problem, then you have to specify how your methods differ from others.

Conclusion and Suggestions

In the conclusion part, you have to summarize the scope and importance of your topic and what might be the answer for your research problem. At the end, it will be better if you include your own answer to your research problem as in the form of suggestions.

By, Dissertation Writing Service UK.