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How to Write an Excellent Dissertation Proposal?

Dissertations are an integral part of every Master’s Degree or PhD program. The first and essential step towards a dissertation is the dissertation proposal. Through dissertation proposal you have to give a clear idea about your final dissertation. Dissertation proposal is a plan for your final work. It should convey what you are going to do with a specific topic. You have to explain what it is you intend to examine, how you are going to collect and analyze the data. A dissertation proposal should point towards the direction of final dissertation. Dissertation proposal writing helps you to get instructions and proper guidance from your professor. Even an expert can give you proper instructions only after reading your dissertation proposal.  A dissertation proposal will make your dissertation writing easily and correctly. While drafting the proposal you have to pay a great attention on presenting your topic in least words. You must include that, by doing your research, what are you aiming at and how you want to accomplish it. Different courses and subjects requires different dissertation writing format. Prepare your proposal according to the prescribed academic style. By following these guidelines, you can prepare an excellent dissertation proposal.

Structure of Dissertation Proposal

Generally, dissertation proposal contains an introduction, research or dissertation methodology, aims and objectives, review of literature, conclusion and suggestions.


In the introduction part, you have to state your main research question, mention about the background of the problem. You have to make clear about the purpose, importance and scope of your study. You should also deal with broader issues surrounding your main question.

Research Methodology

This is the part where you have to mention the sources that you are intending to use for your research, what and which type of data you are going to collect. You have to make clear that how will you analyze your data, which are the methods you are going to adopt and also describe about why you adopt such methods etc.

Aims and Objectives

Aims and objectives are another important part of a dissertation proposal. You have to include the aims of your research, state about your hopes and final results you predict. Also mention about the objectives you want to achieve through your final dissertation.

Review of Literature

The review of literature deals with the books and other material resources you are going to be used. You have to mention if there are any previous studies, researches or published work on the same field of your research problem. If there are any previous studies and works on the same problem, then you have to specify how your methods differ from others.

Conclusion and Suggestions

In the conclusion part, you have to summarize the scope and importance of your topic and what might be the answer for your research problem. At the end, it will be better if you include your own answer to your research problem as in the form of suggestions.

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