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6 Brilliant Tricks to Teach Yourselves about College Essay Writing

Essay writing assignments are indispensable in any academic program in almost all universities. In another words, a student cannot complete any program without being able to write essays. This necessitates each student to find time and put effort to   compose an academic paper. It is sometimes seen that students write essays with the help of professional paper writers. However, certain brilliant tricks will make them write college essay writing without having to approach anyone.

Essay Writing Tricks

Read Samples

You cannot write your essays from vacuum. On the other hand, you need to have a broad understanding on what you write. In the same manner, it is also important to have an idea about how you write. There is the importance of reading sample essays. Sample college essay writing can be had from academic books in your library shelves. Also, there are a lot of essay writing samples in the internet as well. Make use of only reliable sources, and get an idea of your paper. Comprehensive guides on essay writing will also help you to come up with your own essays.

Read Relevant Stuffs

In college and university levels, professors don’t teach in a traditional manner. On the other hand, they are stage setters who arrange proper learning environment for students to get everything by themselves. Hence, do not expect any in-depth analysis from your professors. Visit college library and surf the internet. You will find a lot of books on your topic. Choose the ones you think most appropriate for your topic. Make notes and write down important quotes. If you feel some books or articles too hard to grasp, leave them. Do not waste time on reading difficult stuffs.  Get ideas enough for you to prepare your own essay, and proceed to preparing the first draft.

Prepare an Outline

This is in fact the most important step in the process of College Essay Writing. This is where you actually organize your entire essay. You can divide the whole paper into various sections and give titles to each of them. Make sure that you include all main points of the topic. Writing it in the form of bullet points is also acceptable. If you have finished preparing the essay outline successfully, you have done a lion’s portion of the task. You now need only to elaborate the points. This will also help you to stick onto the exact topic till the end.

Organize the Paper

Only a well organized academic essay will capture the attention of the readers. The evaluators will trash the paper if you have written it in a mess. There must be an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion and bibliography. Also, do not forget to cite all the references. Add quite wherever necessary. Don’t do it only to fill the pages because the evaluators can understand that you are not true to what you are doing. Divide the essay into different sections with specific titles. Long sentences and long paragraphs kill the beauty of College Essay Writing. A logical organization of your essay can bring highest grade to your paper.

Take a Stand

College Essay Writing requires in-depth analysis of the given topic. A summary or a peripheral analysis will not give you any grades. You need to be analytical and present everything straightforwardly.  At the core of your essay, there must be your individual findings. If you have taken a stand, you are not supposed to deviate from it. Stick on to it throughout, and adopt all means to prove it. Here, you can borrow the ideas of others. Convince the readers that yours is not just an ordinary paper. Writing for the sake of writing is meaningless. A critical approach to your topic will make your paper stand apart from others.


Errors spoil the splendor of any piece of writing. The errors can range from simple spelling mistakes to grave logical fallacies. Try to be free from all such things as much as possible because it evaluates your overall skills and keenness as well. Give special attention to avoid ambiguities. After completing the paper, read it for several times. If so, you can find out the most appropriate wordings and expressions to replace the mediocre ones. It is great if you can find out someone else to get your paper proofread. An error free paper which is well written always captures the attention of the evaluators. So, proofreading becomes a natural process of essay writing.

College essay writing can sometimes determine your success in the whole academic life. Therefore do not downgrade its significance. The six above mentioned tricks can lead you to great academic success.

A Complete Guide to Write Critical Thinking Essays

Critical Thinking Essay Writing

Essay writing is a task which most of the students love to avoid primarily because they do not know the basics of it. It is a fact that there are no specific lessons on how to write essays in a classroom. The professors take lessons and leave the writing tasks entirely upon the students. Without having any understanding on the way an essay has to be written, it is quite impossible for anyone to come up with one. As a result, reliable tips on essay writing are important. Here is a complete guide to write critical thinking essays.

Be Critical  

Critical thinking essay writing requires some amount of critical thinking from the part of the students. Of course, you are writing on the topic which might have been discussed in the class. However, each academic essay should analyze certain aspect of the topic, and emerge out with some unique finding. You have to critically analyze the given area in all possible angles. Inquisitiveness is as essential in a student as it is crucial for an explorer in the seas. There are possibilities, but one has to find them out. Whenever you get a topic, think of its varied dimensions. Ask a series of questions to yourselves. It is almost certain that you will not find answers to them all of a sudden. It is for this reason that you need to delve deep into the arena of reading and researching.

Read and Research

Before initiating Critical Thinking Essay Writing, you need to have a great understanding on the topic. Drive towards a good library where you think you will be able to pick up really helpful articles. Read them and write down the main points. Collect good quotes from well known authors. This will help you to make your paper more authoritative and convincing. Great that you have gathered adequate materials for your writing process. However, you are not going to make use of any such ideas directly on the paper. This is the speciality of Critical Thinking Essays. By borrowing ideas from reading and researching, you are going to make independent comments, observations and conclusions. Reading relevant texts push you to writing your own stuff.

Think twice before you write

Writing Critical Thinking Essays is a serious job to do. Hence, you are not writing what comes to your mind spontaneously. On the other hand, you write the first draft, and make a series of alterations until you are convinced with the logic in the paper. If it is a personal essay, you can pen whatever your mind says. However, brain is more important when you write Critical Thinking Essays. If you find difficult to analyse certain sections critically, you have your helpful professors out there. This does not mean that they will help you in writing. On the other hand, they will show you the right way to move on. If you are struck with certain intricate thoughts, you can approach other experienced professionals and friends. This will make you form a broader attitude towards what you write.

Go Online, Get ideas  

Internet has nearly swallowed almost all aspects of man’s day to day life affairs. The academic world makes use of its infinite opportunities of the information and communication technology to impart quality learning. Also, it is the largest source of information for any academic matters. There are a host of high quality critical thinking articles in the internet most of which can be accessed without having to take any paid membership. However, you should be cautious not to be trapped in below quality materials. Internet is a place where anyone can upload anything. As a result, you have to be more analytical in choosing the secondary materials. A well written peer reviewed article would lead you to better insight on your topic, and your writing process becomes less troublesome.

If you know how to approach the topic, Critical Thinking Essay Writing will not trouble you in any ways. Be specific, and error free while writing. It is strongly recommended to proofread the paper for multiple times. Also, getting the paper proofread by others will make your Critical Thinking Essays become superb. By following the systematic steps of writing Critical Thinking Essays, anyone can attain desirable grades.