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The Three Easy Steps of Essay Writing

Essay writing is a nightmarish experience for the adolescents because they are not much experienced in the art of writing. As a result, they end up their academic life in despair. However, with proper guidance on essay writing, students can attain maximum grades in each and every writing assignment. Check out the three easy steps of essay writing developed by expert professional writers.

Steps of Essay Writing


Reading can never be replaced by anything else on earth. We have attained great advancements in the arena of technology. There are a lot of facilities in the virtual world to facilitate better learning. Certain software converts speech into text so as to reduce the burden of students sitting straight before the computer. Also, there are ways to find out spelling and grammatical errors. However, writing from scratch is only an experienced writer can do. One who writes has to be well read in the concerned area. Therefore, reading is regarded as the most important prerequisite for writing. In a sense, it can be said that writing emerges from vast reading. If you are assigned with a topic, never waste a single second sitting idle. Take any text on your topic, and read. Do not forget to take down important points. Such a strategic reading style can make you win always.


Write your academic paper with confidence. It is possible that there are some errors and inconsistencies. However, there is time for you to rectify it. Attempt writing even if you are not well trained in it. If you are well read, you can write well. After completing the writing task, you can definitely approach your professor, or even a learned friend to correct the mistakes in the paper. On writing, you have to be well aware of the fact that you are not writing something for the sake of writing. Do not fill the page with unnecessary things. On the other hand, you should write something worthwhile. Only such a paper will be eligible for top grades. For that you need to concentrate on your topic. Gather materials from wherever possible. Include specific statistics with the help of relevant diagrams and tables. If your professor is convinced that you have made a good attempt in reading and researching, you will get good grades for sure.


A good academic paper will make use of data from several authoritative texts. Acknowledging these sources is the major part of writing. If you have left it, there is no doubt that your paper will be rejected. A paper which does not contain citation will show traces of plagiarism. Also, including the ideas of others in one’s own name is quite unethical. Therefore, citation is the backbone of any essay paper. There are several citation styles such as American Psychological Association, Modern Language Association, Chicago/Turabian. While citing them, you have to follow the correct method because this also brings you grades. Even if a paper is written in an excellent manner, it will not pass the evaluation without proper citation. So, keep an extra eye on doing your citation.

It would be an exaggeration to state that the above three steps will make you the top grades. However, by following these methods, you can definitely improve your writing and grab the attention of the professors. Follow the rules and rule your class.