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It is difficult to find any educational program which is not assigning any writing task during its academic terms. Academic works of schools, colleges and universities will not be complete without any writing exercises. It may be in the form of essays, dissertations, research papers, book reviews, coursework, term papers or any other form of assignments. Why these writing tasks are so indispensable with every academia? Have you ever think of it? This is because; writing is the best way or medium to understand your knowledge, skills and abilities. So teachers or professors cannot evaluate their students without any piece of writing. These writing exercises act as a tool for professors to understand, what you have studied and what you have acquired during a particular period of study. Essays are the most common writing task which is assigned to all students, irrespective to their age and grades. When considering other writing tasks, essay writing is relatively a simple task. Most of the students can write essays. But if an essay determines, who you are or where you have to stand or whether you have to be chosen for any job or not, whether you should be admitted to any institution or not… such situations, can you approach it in a very cool and simple manner?? Are you ready to take risks?? Don’t you have any problem, if you get poor marks or grades than your classmates?..we know that on such situations of life, no one want to take risks. So don’t take any chance on your valuable grades, marks or jobs. Get your essays from experienced professional writers.

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Dissertation Writing Help for College Students

It is sure that, you would not familiarize with the term ‘dissertation writing’ during your lower divisions of education. Usually you may get closer to the term, when you reach the higher divisions of schools and colleges. We know that, different types of writing tasks are inseparable with every educational program. It is important that, these writing tasks have become one of the strongest criteria’s for the overall evaluation of students. Among these writing tasks, dissertations are usually assigned to students at their graduate, post graduate or PhD program. So always keep in mind that to write dissertation and scoring higher grades is not a part of child’s play. Students always place themselves at the sea of confusions, when they are assigned by dissertations at their colleges. If you are in search of dissertation writing help, hope the following points will help you at best.

Dissertation and Research
No doubt that, dissertation is a research oriented task. It is a mixture product of proper research and investigation. Research and critical thinking are the essence of dissertation. So try to choose a topic on which you are deeply interested. It will be better if your topic raises a question, so you can convert your dissertation as an answer to that question.

Start Preparation Early
Dissertation writing is a long process; it cannot be completed within a few hours. Select your topic early, because it requires more time. Ensure that your topic is accompanied with sufficient material resources to complete your work. Always keep in contact with your professors, ask them doubts and opinions and accept their advices. You should seek instructions and opinions of your professor after completing each stage of your research and writing.

Be Original
Don’t try to plagiarize ideas and findings of others. Your dissertation should be original and substantial. Novel ideas are always welcomed by professors. So keep trying on it. Approach your topic differently. Analyze the material resources critically. Your findings and arguments are the core part of your dissertation. Reach your own conclusion; don’t forget to include your suggestions on the problem you have chosen.

Follow the Guidelines
Don’t make an attempt to present your ideas and findings in your own way. You have to prepare your dissertation in the prescribed format and style provided by your professor or syllabus. Strictly follow the word limit provided. Use the prescribed font and size and spacing. Maintain a confident and scholarly tone throughout your paper. Complete your work before the deadline.

Importance of Bibliography
Bibliography is the most important part of your dissertation. In bibliography, you have to specify the book, journals, online and offline articles, newspapers, chronicles and everything that you have used for completing your dissertation. You have to follow the prescribed citation rules. A good and error proofed bibliography definitely helps to score higher grades.

Editing and Proof Reading
After completing your final draft, you have to read your paper for many times. It will help you to detect any grammar, spelling and typological errors. After detecting the errors, edit it correctly. Before final submission, seek advices from professor on your final draft. Submit your work on time.

Five Creative Steps to Write Great Research Papers

As per Oxford advanced learners dictionary the term research is a systematic investigation of materials, sources etc to establish facts. A research paper is basically a type of academic writing which involves detailed analysis of data and theories. Mere knowledge about the topic should not be enough for a successful research paper. To reflect excellence or perfection in anything you write, you need to do a little bit of hard work and a wide range of reading. Writing a research paper is tough and may be challenging, because of the intensive research that it requires. But if you follow proper steps in writing, then writing a research paper will not be a difficult task.

Following steps help you to write a successful research paper:

1] Select a topic

2] Find a reliable source

3] Write an outline

4] Organize the collected data and notes

5] Preparation of first draft and editing your final draft

Selection of Topic

The first and foremost step of your writing procedure is the selection of the topic. If you are assigned to choose the topic, then you should choose a topic that you have always been curious to know in depth. The curiosity will keep you learning about the subject and this interest will help you to probe into each and every detail and understand it in depth. Try to avoid subjects that require specialized or technical knowledge .Be sure about the availability of source materials. Do not waste time over topics which have limited source materials.

Finding Reliable Sources

Finding reliable sources for your research paper is not an easy job. First you can approach library materials. Check out the printed materials available in the library like, books, almanacs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, government publications, magazines, journals, reports etc. You can also seek the help of the librarians because she/he is a trained person who can suggest you to select apt books or to find out relevant information that you need. You can also make use of web based information or online resources for your research paper.

Writing an Outline

After reading and analyzing the source materials, you can write an outline .Preparing an outline is an important step in writing a good research paper. While writing an outline you must make sure that all your points are covered and later if necessary you can rework on it. Writing an outline helps to lay the foundation of your research paper. In this part you can think about the arrangement of ideas and classification of paragraphs according to their importance.

Organize the Data /Notes

In the next step you can organize all the information according to the outline that you have   prepared .Critically approach your collected data and evaluate it. Find out the supporting views and facts that enhance the quality of your writing. Your written words should ensure effective communication of your thoughts and ideas to those who read your paper. Do not include irrelevant information in your paper because it may affect the accuracy of your writing. Try to express everything in your own words. Avoid plagiarism .Include citations if necessary. Whenever you borrow quotations, be sure that you inserted quotation marks around it.

Writing Your First Draft and Editing

With reference to your outline, prepare your first draft .Considering all the details and points; elaborate your outline in the sense that structures it into sentences and paragraphs. Add enough details to your paper so that the reader can easily grasp your ideas. You can rework on your draft if there is any mistakes or it lacks any information. Check for grammatical and typographical errors and spellings .If you feel that your first draft meets the requirements by your professor or tutor, you can proceed to editing and writing your final draft. Do not forget to write down the bibliographical information which covers the details regarding the author, book-title, page numbers, publishers name and the date of publishing according to the format required by your syllabus.

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Tips for a Successful Book Review

Describing, scrutinizing, and assessing the value of a work of art is not an easy job. The term book review comprises all these methodology. The accessibility of social Medias increased the demand of book reviews. The arena of literary and non-literary discourses gained wider recognition and if a person wants a glance of a particular book or a work of art, the review of the book lessens our effort to analyze the book to some extent. Reviews usually appear in newspapers, magazines, academic journals etc. and it also comes as a part of college assignments. No specific length is defined to book reviews unless word limit is provided by your mentor. It may be a paragraph or an elaborated essay. Try to write a book review which is not too short and too long. A book review writing is not confined to the main content of the book. You can start the review from the frontispiece of the book, its pages, sentences, number of chapter, sub topics etc.


The first point you have to remember is to categorize the book. Specify the genre of the book. Fit its category. If possible, differentiate it from the previous works that published under the same category. Find out the relevance of the book in the present social and political domain of the society. According to the category of the book, you have to approach it differently, for example if the review is about a fiction you can specify a favorite part of the book, about a particular character appeals you most, whether you feel realistic etc.

Understanding the Author

Understand the typical style of the author. Analyze the previous works of the author. Try to differentiate the particular work from the rest. The evaluation of the book should devoid of your prejudices about the author and at the same time the reader should get a glimpse of cultural and political background of the author. Give an account to what extent his/her cultural and political background influenced the book. You cannot write an effective book review without reading the previous works of the author.

Remember the Readers

Understand the nature of the book. Analyze whether the work satisfy the intended audience. The language and style should be different for each genre. Think about the persons who read your review. It may be a librarian, teacher, parent or a reader searching for a good read. Make sure that your review not only impresses enlightened readers. You have to present your views carefully and deliberately in such a way that your audience is not yet read the book. Let them to take your review as an inspiration to read the book.

Your Approach

Do not approach the text with any personal bias or prejudices. Your review should be impartial and free from the element of your love, hate and care to a particular author. Create or invoke enthusiasm and apply a fresh approach to the work. It should be easily readable. Your language, thoughts and perspectives should not be a complex one which places the readers at sea. If the approach and intentions are clear, the review will definitely insist the reader to read the original text. Do not forget to describe how you enjoyed the book.


As mentioned earlier, the purpose of a review is to evaluate the text critically. Avoid writing in detail. Summarize thoughts and explain how the book as a whole influenced you. You will have to address the book’s merits and defects. The content of your work should be an informative one. It should not be the summary of the book. It’s become better to evaluate the ideas or instances topically or chronologically that occurred in the book.

Other Points

You can include in your reviews about the price of the book, name of the publishers, year of the publication, in which language it has published, to which languages it has translated etc. It will be more helpful to the readers if you mention whether it is available at online. A professional writer who has experience in custom book review writing can help you to prepare a winning book review paper.

Writing a First Class Essay

Essays can be defined as one’s creative and emotional outburst on different subjects. Essays are one of the best mediums to express one’s knowledge, ideas and opinions on certain subjects. Through essays, one can understand its author’s knowledge level, writing style, way of expression and ability to coordinating ideas. That’s the core reason behind the custom essay writing task which included in every academia from which students cannot ever escape. Nowadays essays are acting as a determining factor for your admission and rejection to particular school, college or university for a program you want to study for achieving a degree. Scoring higher grades in essay writing or writing an impressive essay often feels as a herculean task for most of the students. By applying a little hard work and following certain tips and its careful application, everyone can write an impressive essay. Please keep in mind the following tips while writing an essay.


On most of the occasions you are provided with specific topics to write an essay. After getting the topic, you have to define the topic clearly. If you have the right to choose your essay topic, choose such a topic on which you have knowledge in depth and can express your personal ideas in an impressive way. Excellent reading experiences will help you for developing brain storming ideas and good vocabulary. Poorly worded sentences decrease the quality of your essay.


After the confirmation of the topic, you have to read and refer books, newspapers and internet for collecting. More points and ideas, don’t try to copy those ideas and points to your essay. You have to keep individuality and authenticity in your essay. With the help of newly collected information and previous reading experiences, you have to think and write down the points about your essay as they occur to you. After that, arrange them properly, according to their importance.


The important point regarding the format of the essay is that, you should arrange your ideas in paragraphs. Try to include same number of sentences in each paragraph. Paragraphs of different sizes diminish the external beauty of your essay. An essay is consisting of mainly three parts including Introduction, Body of the essay and Conclusion. These three parts have equal importance.


Introduction is the first part of your essay. So it must be arresting and should grab the attention of the readers. Ensure it is pertinent to the subject. It may be a piece of news, an interesting small story, or your own special experiences which is significant to the topic. You can also use quotations. Whatever you used, it should lead to the subject and generates an interest in the mind of the readers to read your essay completely.


This is the main part of the essay where you can express your ideas. Arrange your ideas in paragraphs and it should be connected. Try to avoid grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and repetitions. Don’t exaggerate your ideas. Adopt a style and tone according to the topic. Seriously approach serious subjects and don’t ponder over simple and light topics. Sentences should be accurate and precise. Whichever the subject is, don’t be arrogant and funny in your writing.


Conclusion is the last and third most important part of the essay. It is the part which determines, whether you had satisfied the interest of the reader which was generated in the introduction. You have to write an effective conclusion. Summarize your ideas in the conclusion. This is the part where you have to make your stand and view point on the topic.


It is said that the glory of expression lies in simplicity, so express your ideas in a simple way, don’t make the readers get bored by your essay by using complex sentence structure and words. Write precisely. Avoid grammatical mistakes. Don’t try to write everything you know about the subject. Write concisely and effectively. Don’t be overcrowded your essay with quotations and clichés. Essay writing service which provides custom essays helps you to fix your paper.


Without an editing, you cannot prepare a successful and effective essay. Read your essay continuously and loudly. By such a practice, you can detect the errors and repetitions occurred while writing your essay. You can also seek help of your parents and friends for editing. Accept and include their positive feedback to write an impressive essay. It also recommendable that you find the best essay writing service in order to buy essays on your topic.

Admission Essay Writing Tips

Admission essays have become an indispensable part of the admission process of most of the colleges and universities. Since it became a mandatory requirement, writing admission essay had become a pain in the neck for most of the students who want to join a new college or university. Admission essay and application essay are the two terms often used interchangeably when describing an essay featured as part of an application mainly for educational institutions. Admission essays deal with specific questions. And such questions depend on the nature of specific schools. An admission essay which demanded by a medical school may not be the same which is demanded by a management school or other science and arts colleges. Writing an admission essay is always a hard nut to crack for most of the students since it largely determines their admission and rejection.

Personal statement and admission essay are two terms which often creates confusions in the mind of students. Personal statement is a general type of admission essay. A personal statement deals with the elements of your life’s past, present and future. You should include your academic experiences, interests, achievements and ambitions. A simple mistake in the personal statement and admission essay may become the reason for your rejection. Unlike personal statement, admission essays are provided with questions or specific topics. So your success depends on how and what answers you give to the members of selection board. Applying a little hard work and following certain tips, everyone can write an impressive admission essay. Following tips will help you in writing a successful admission essay.

Appropriate Answer to the Question

Consider writing admission essay as the first step of your interview, as you are sitting before the members of selection board. Read the question carefully and apply a great deal of hard work to understand the real intention behind the prompt. Try to understand, what the selection board want to hear from you. Evaluate and analyze your interests, experiences, achievements and goals according to the questions. Answer truthfully. Don’t get off from the topic by explaining yourself. Don’t think that complicated sentences and words from thesaurus increase your essay’s quality. Don’t be generic in your writing. Students often try to include everything they know to show their knowledge level and intelligence. You have to impress the members of admission board by your essay. Don’t make them feel that, you are giving lectures to them.

Be Yourself and Genuine

Essays are creative effort, so it’s easy to exaggerate. Selection board members are expert persons and are dealing with thousands of admission essays each year. Don’t copy other’s experiences and admission essays. Be yourself. Selection committees only want to know, who you are and whether you are an eligible candidate for their institution.

Maintain Positive and Confident Tone

You are provided with a question, so try to give answer specifically. Be confident and use a positive tone. It does not mean to be arrogant. At the same time don’t be funny. Approach expert writers and experience people in order to get a deep idea about writing admission essays. There are a number of essay writing services reviews which help you to write.

Need of Time and Homework

If you want an impressive admission essay, start preparations early. A successful admission essay demand planning and homework. It’s not necessary that, on every situation you can depend on admission essay writing service or personal statement writing services, even though there are websites offering such services.

Avoid Quotations and Cliches

Avoid cliches and quotations in your essay. Use your own words and sentences with correct spelling and grammar and try to avoid repetitions.  A professional writer can help you how to include and exclude certain things in your essay. When you buy essays from trusted essay writing services, you can make sure that you are climbing the ladder of academic success.

Editing and Proofreading

When the final draft is ready, you have to read your essay many times and edit it. Editing helps you to avoid mistakes in your admission essay. Custom admission essay writing services which operate legally can also help you to fix these errors.