Great Tips to Write Your College Essays

College essay writing is an academic task which most of the students find a little difficult one for its structure, content and other basic details. A learned person can easily understand an author’s knowledge level, writing style, way of expression and ability to coordinating ideas through a single essay. That’s why a simple essay determines your grade, job and admission on certain occasions. So doubts and tensions are always associated with this task. So one will definitely look for essay writing tips when he/ she is assigned with the task of custom essay writing. Usually college essays are demanded by the authorities at the time of admission of new students to their institution. Sometimes you are provided with the freedom of selecting a topic on your own interest or sometimes questions may already provided. The essay question might ask you about your best quality, goals, an experience that shaped you or the reason you want to attend their college or a specific subject. Nowadays various sites of internet are also providing a lot of essay writing helps.

To write college essays always seems to be big task to most of the students, as it determines their admission or rejection to an institution. Whatever the topic or question is, the first thing you have do is that, prepare an outline of what you are going to write. After preparing the outline, you have to arrange your writing into mainly three parts.

They are 1) Introduction 2) Body of the essay and 3) Conclusion.


Introduction is the first part of your essay. This is the part which introduces your essay. So it must be arresting and should grab the attention of the readers. Ensure it is pertinent to the subject. Whatever you used, it should lead to the subject and generates an interest in the mind of the readers to read your essay completely. It will be better if the introduction confines to a single paragraph.


This is the main part of the essay where you can express your ideas. Arrange your ideas in paragraphs and it should be connected. You can explain the main idea of the essay with examples. Try to avoid grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and repetitions. Don’t exaggerate your ideas and achievements. Maintain a positive and scholarly tone throughout your writing. Be honest about your achievements and experiences.


Conclusion is the last and third most part of the essay. It is the part which determines, whether you had satisfied the interest of the reader which was generated in the introduction. You have to write an effective conclusion. Summarize your ideas in the conclusion. This is the part where you have to mark your stand and view point on the topic.

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