Writing a First Class Essay

Essays can be defined as one’s creative and emotional outburst on different subjects. Essays are one of the best mediums to express one’s knowledge, ideas and opinions on certain subjects. Through essays, one can understand its author’s knowledge level, writing style, way of expression and ability to coordinating ideas. That’s the core reason behind the custom essay writing task which included in every academia from which students cannot ever escape. Nowadays essays are acting as a determining factor for your admission and rejection to particular school, college or university for a program you want to study for achieving a degree. Scoring higher grades in essay writing or writing an impressive essay often feels as a herculean task for most of the students. By applying a little hard work and following certain tips and its careful application, everyone can write an impressive essay. Please keep in mind the following tips while writing an essay.


On most of the occasions you are provided with specific topics to write an essay. After getting the topic, you have to define the topic clearly. If you have the right to choose your essay topic, choose such a topic on which you have knowledge in depth and can express your personal ideas in an impressive way. Excellent reading experiences will help you for developing brain storming ideas and good vocabulary. Poorly worded sentences decrease the quality of your essay.


After the confirmation of the topic, you have to read and refer books, newspapers and internet for collecting. More points and ideas, don’t try to copy those ideas and points to your essay. You have to keep individuality and authenticity in your essay. With the help of newly collected information and previous reading experiences, you have to think and write down the points about your essay as they occur to you. After that, arrange them properly, according to their importance.


The important point regarding the format of the essay is that, you should arrange your ideas in paragraphs. Try to include same number of sentences in each paragraph. Paragraphs of different sizes diminish the external beauty of your essay. An essay is consisting of mainly three parts including Introduction, Body of the essay and Conclusion. These three parts have equal importance.


Introduction is the first part of your essay. So it must be arresting and should grab the attention of the readers. Ensure it is pertinent to the subject. It may be a piece of news, an interesting small story, or your own special experiences which is significant to the topic. You can also use quotations. Whatever you used, it should lead to the subject and generates an interest in the mind of the readers to read your essay completely.


This is the main part of the essay where you can express your ideas. Arrange your ideas in paragraphs and it should be connected. Try to avoid grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and repetitions. Don’t exaggerate your ideas. Adopt a style and tone according to the topic. Seriously approach serious subjects and don’t ponder over simple and light topics. Sentences should be accurate and precise. Whichever the subject is, don’t be arrogant and funny in your writing.


Conclusion is the last and third most important part of the essay. It is the part which determines, whether you had satisfied the interest of the reader which was generated in the introduction. You have to write an effective conclusion. Summarize your ideas in the conclusion. This is the part where you have to make your stand and view point on the topic.


It is said that the glory of expression lies in simplicity, so express your ideas in a simple way, don’t make the readers get bored by your essay by using complex sentence structure and words. Write precisely. Avoid grammatical mistakes. Don’t try to write everything you know about the subject. Write concisely and effectively. Don’t be overcrowded your essay with quotations and clichés. Essay writing service which provides custom essays helps you to fix your paper.


Without an editing, you cannot prepare a successful and effective essay. Read your essay continuously and loudly. By such a practice, you can detect the errors and repetitions occurred while writing your essay. You can also seek help of your parents and friends for editing. Accept and include their positive feedback to write an impressive essay. It also recommendable that you find the best essay writing service in order to buy essays on your topic.