What are the Major Types of Academic Essays?

Academic essays are a very crucial part of every student’s life and every student needs to know about some very important essay writing styles so that they do not face any difficulty in writing any kind of essay with any given topic. Mentioned below are 4 of the most important essay writing styles that students need to get acquainted with to be able to explore various styles in essay writing.

  1. Expository essay- An expository essay is an essay writing style through which a writer gives an account of his/her opinion on a certain issue, idea or theme. Through this form of essay writing a writer can either express his views on a certain work of art or literature or can use this format to explain or make a statement on various world issues, politics, sports, pop culture etc.
  2. Persuasive essay- this term is self explanatory. In this style of essay writing the writers sole endeavour is to try and persuade the reader to accept and imbibe the point of view of the writer. Such essays are written on topics which call for a stand on various social or current issues. Since the writer perceives the given situation in a way that he/she feels right, he/she tries to explain with rational reasoning of as to why the reader should see the same issue or situation in the same light.
  3. Analytical essay- In this style of essay writing a writer tries to present every point of view as possible by analyzing a certain thing such as a poem, book, play, song or any other form of art or literature. It is safe to say that this form of essay writing is like a review. A writer after thorough analysis and examination tries to interpret the given work without being partial and through just means.
  4. Argumentative essay- This is an essay writing style which not only contains one point of view such as that of the writer’s, the writer also does thorough research on the specific topic and references various other people’s point of view. After the writer has stated the different perspectives, he/she then sticks to one perspective usually his personal point of view and encourages the reader to adopt his/her perspective on the given topic or issue. He/she tries to rationally explain why he/she is right with contrast to other’s opinions.

These are the most significant and widely used essay writing styles in custom essay writing. Do research and practice hard to perfect your essay writing craft in all of these distinct essay styles.